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Kong Snuzzle Reindeer
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    KONG Holiday Snuzzles Reindeer Small

    Playtime for dogs is a crucial part of their lives because just like us, dogs also get bored easily. So, to keep them happy and on their feet, both mental and physical stimulation play an important role in bringing their boredom to an end and the negative behaviour associated with the same. Kong dog toy is an interactive and fun choice for your pet. This small Holiday Snuzzles reindeer is a plush toy thats ideal for every dog (pup and adult). A popular choice among canines, this dog toy is wonderful for every breed as it provides a sense of comfort, especially if your pet has recently separated from its littermates and mother.

    You might see your pup carrying the reindeer Kong toy around wherever it goes, sleep, and cuddle it like a baby. Thats because this toy is made to provide a comforting feeling to your pet.

    One of the best parts about the Snuzzles reindeer toy is that it has a loud squeaker inside that keeps your pooch excited at all times. This squeaky toy has a plush exterior that satisfies the chewing and aggressive biting behaviour of your pet. You can also use this small reindeer for a bonding session with your pet in the backyard or park.

    Product Dimensions: 14.61 cm (W) x 5.08 cm (H)

    Product Benefits

    • A perfect comfy buddy for every pet dog
    • Includes a loud squeaker inside to create sound
    • Ideal for playing a game of throw and fetch